FERAL stands for Free Environmentalist Radicals And Libertarians

it is noted that with Doppler (gamma-proton radiation) radar technology one can be tuned into, monitored, plagued by other genomic host pathogens and parasitic govt departments, viewed on the big screen and traced back to the grave. Also facial recognition / iris recognition, blood DNA monitoring and heart beat /voice recognition, they know when you eat and when you make love, the doppler radars can read your heart beat behind a wall from 150 kilometres away, they tune into and listen to your thoughts using phone apps and cochlear implants and we, the small people, lie under the trains of the banks who refuse to be swayed by govt “opinions” as we rail against them with little democratic effect, oh well YOU rednecks voted for them eh, be reminded that in war the first thing you do is divide then slaughter, really? my sons are all beautiful – daughters too! i love the Queen and her govt, really ido, noworries mate! That’s why democratic drugs are illegal in Russia, China (the birth place of pot (medicine)) and Japan, while in the West alcohol mutes rational so the radars speak our truths (rednecks snort radars…oops)

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