Geoengineering and the Forefather’s (Guideline) Stones

Inscribed in tall Stone Henge-like stones in Georgia, America by the Masons are the words that the population of the world “will be” reduced by two thirds to 500,000,000 for “green sustainability.” America absorbed Russia’s and Japan’s bio-warfare technologies after the war and NASA discovered the genome (Genome Project) of our Earth’s biota and mapped the Domains in 1995. Dried biological “medicines” have been spread globally (it is legal for a government to spray a population if it believes necessary) these in conjunction with nanotechnological components have been absorbed by all of us. I found a bio-chip transponder on my skin. People have sensors galore, cochlear implants and transponders inside them which rape true thought and send messages back to the computer of all things which stimulates subcutaneous clusters to deliver medicines. Out of the “tanker” planes and into the jet-stream winds comes patented mixtures such as silica-metal based nanotech and metallic sulphates which coalesce to form weather changing condensation particulates and “medicines” all of which are activated by the doppler radars. Our drinking water is being irradiated, the clouds shredded – this is CLIMATE CHANGE and you have been duped, scammed, bludgeoned, poisoned gassed and and controlled back to the womb with YOUR security and sustainability in mind. This is my website you will not find anything in it which you may believe. Search the appropriate word in the text above to find out more, turn your brain-radios off and be aware that this operation is covert and trolls have been planted in all media, including the ABC! Buy yourself a digital microscope and study skin lesions for other genomes.

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