750,000 people went to horse-piddle emergency this year in Aus, many of them with the flu

these people don’t eat onions or fresh garlic or fresh green leafy vegetables and believe the ABC radio and newspapers about “flu” and how to get rid of it, commiserations, i don’t know how to get rid of it either! however i do know that it is a host and has probably been modified, just as we have, our immune systems have been dampened by the introduction of a synthetic chromosome which lowers the histamine reaction, i mean i was sprayed in India by a tanker at 5,000 ft three days later when the smart dust came down so did i, and still can’t get rid of this “flu” but i can’t prove anything, why should i? Too many people in the world, and i’ll get the manufacturers after i die. Is this tinnitus or radars? no the radars are the really low vibrations which target one thru satellite gps to 3 cm accuracy, i wont tell them what i’m up to because they already know! I know all this because while in deep meditation last night i flu

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