health for all should be free and not cost an arm or a testicle

let me explain, if you have an illness which is chronic and effects the nerves and have been told that it is genetic, try magnetic resonance, ie tie the affected area in a shifting polarised field, if it is in your head stitch magnets in a beanie and wear it one way and then the other to bed ie inside out, if it gives you a headache then do it for a short while only, if your illness is in your nose or lungs, take vit E and Lecithen in the night and eat raw garlic in the morning, if it is bad such as near bronchial take lots of vit C and deep green leafy vegetables as well as other coloured ones, if urinary eat onions and eggs for fertility and pain, if menstrual eat melons and onions and dark green leafy vegetables, generally one “should” line doors and windows with small magnets so one creates a small spark as one goes in and out, remember to put your feet in a bucket of warm water every night for blood, respiratory and improved cardiac function, and read “Fibers” for the reasons why i advise….exercise, exercise, lift your arms above your head 2000 X a day, it will take 45 minutes but has been found in China to be a cure for many otherwise terminal illnesses, and good luck in a big city, thats where the govt wants you! Read on…forget horse-piddle insurance and greed, write books go surfing and be free… to dig your garden

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