nano particulates can transform into machines inside you and transmit to

other internal and external sites prior to ‘medical’ injection, its legal of a govt to spray the population with patented “medicines” just as helium balloon stratospheric/atmospheric injection is applying “medicine” to our weather systems, usually these jet stream injections are aimed globally to change the weather, climate change is anthropomorphic alright, trolls have been placed in all media outlets so the brain entrainment continues even with scientists who if they spoke out would be eradicated, via transmission of cochlear implants which have been patented long ago and in most of us are active, yes they talk to you and you think its you talking to yourself, this is the higher technology we are under, big time, most of us are heading for extinction, AND THEY KNOW IT!! kids get up/ stand up against the radars and the chemtrails and learn! the adults are too stupid now

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