Dam Diligent knew he had to save the world yet again, he fell out of bed at 6:00 AM and found he had a bad cramp in his foot. He hopped to the kitchen which was on the other side of the room

and turned the tap on to boil some water, he hopped to the electrical cord to insert the plug and fell into a chair. He was cold so he found his shoes which he couldn’t put on because he couldn’t find his socks, then he remembered he’d left his only pair of odd socks outside. He hopped over to the door and couldn’t open it, it was locked, he’d locked it from the outside the day before and glued a tap on the inside because he was worried he’d be invaded by reporters wanting to know about the..the, well, he couldn’t say! The water was boiling and he burnt his finger on the lid. Then something terrible happened, the telephone rang again! Dam’s whole being filled with fear he knew it was the president ringing about the well, he always rang at that time. Well! Well! Well! Dam felt ill, he ran back to bed past the mirror and hid under the covers in the dark. He could hear himself breathing heavily. Soon he thought he heard a faint tap on the door. He looked up, there was definitely a tap on the door

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