The Bradley principles are used when nature repairs forests. These principles advanced in the early 1960’s are as follows:

Work from the good bush out. Work from the shady areas towards the weed infestation. This strengthens the bush and creates a safe place for dormant native seeds to grow in.

Clear at the rate of regeneration or put another way:

Allow regeneration to dictate the rate of weed removal. What is the use of clearing out beyond the perceived edge into an area which is weed infested? We are letting nature repair itself not gardening. It may be said that the English have a natural garden instinct to overclear, to clean the bush like a bulldozer. Vine edges are important band- aids whether weed or native!

Minimal disturbance. If one disturbs the soil too much weeds follow. Do not overwork oneself or the bush.  Native species also sprout if one over-disturbs an area as every seed in the seed-bank is forced to respond.. Native pioneer species often grow under weeds but they will die back if one then suddenly clears the weeds and allows the hot sun and drying wind to burn them. Or more importantly the followup weed invasion will smother them with worse weed species. The seed-bank is waiting patiently to respond to the right conditions. If one works with nature large areas can be cleared in a spot-weed fashion so onlookers wonder whether you have done any work at all! After some time the bush responds, the dormant seeds begin to emerge, the canopy thickens, the trees flower and the seed they bear now has a natural place to grow in and then suddenly all returns to bush –  its magic!

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