The nourishing energy of good water…. Some years ago a scientist in Japan stood on a subway station with a bucket of water two glasses and a nitrogen cylinder…

He asked curious people to drink from a glass and say to the water beforehand that it was good and nourishing then he snap froze the rest of the water in the glass. Out of the same bucket of water he asked the same person to say before they drank the water that it was unhealthy and distasteful. He then snap froze the rest of the water in the glass. The ice crystals which formed in the first glass were symmetrical. The ice in the second glass was asymmetrical, fractured and in disarray. Scalar waves are the crossing over of energy lines as emitted by the two hemispheres of the brain this creates a focal point. Radar uses scalar to send and receive echoes or messages. Scientists vector energy into clouds with radar all the time 24/7 to read the weather. That is why the clouds today are not like the clouds 60 years ago. Now they are shredded around the edges and frayed. Doppler radars are advanced energy devices which emit proton waves like microwave ovens. If one puts water in a microwave oven and feeds it to a pot plant over time the plant will sicken (cancer) and die. Thus a large factor in causing drought and temperature rise is the irradiation of our skies. Radars can also produce hot winds. Water is a living entity and doppler radars are poisoning it. Australia is a world leader in radar technology….prove me wrong!!

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