a little geni-gnome came out of the bottle

indeed test tube infertility may become a reality in the future. The genome project funded by NASA in 1995 discovered that with a little engineering chromosomes could be glued onto other bio-domains, such as fish could be given hair or brown eyes, the genome project continued to fathom our integrity as different humans, Asians, Indians, English, worms, parasites, birds, trees etc. The test tube became a fermenting pot of ideas, chimeric wonders were a short way off so they decided to patent these new species and looked around for institutions which could monitor the impacts of these designs in detail. Horse-piddles of course! Now when you go to hospital with say some uterine inflammation such as endometriosis, or stomach complaint such as intestinal flora-fauna overgowth maybe chrones disease or more commonly skin disorders like shingles, the horse-piddle would record the parasite involved and tell you what they know. They do not understand that in most instances with bio-synthetic disorders that the geni has escaped and is loving you as a host

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