fires, cyclones, drought, parochial politics saturation and distraction from

the big picture, Russia is warming the ice for trade with black particulates, the delicate media calls it pollution, but i say it is deliberate, Trump knows all about this as does the Aus govt and the other signatories to the World Meteorological Org, they use the stratospheric aerosol injection for our long term benefit to enhance wi-fi transmission using nanotech metals which are plasmicised with radar and pushed like the wind/spread to shield the suns rays (as they claim) to mitigate global warming (which they say will extinct us all) but it is so obviously having the opposite effect (lets buy Greenland!) Why doesnt the media talk about it or have open discussions about it? basically because it is linked to so many companies, like smoking, it will kill you, greed dries out the planet, why doesnt the govt subsidise solar, and fire fighting equipment, because they know what they do…green trails in the sky, the greatest crime of the century, all should know…who said that, i dont know, i only write books/poetry and listen to my wi-fried brain

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